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Domo Music Group presents world-Renowned Native American activist Dennis Banks as he joins forces with Golden Globe and Grammy Award-Winning artist Kitaro in celebration of our Earth in this new CD, LET MOTHER EARTH SPEAK. The project contains a message of international peace intertwined with stories and life lessons from Dennis Banks featuring the musical sensitivity and prowess of Kitaro.

With a focus on world and inner-peace, in Let Mother Earth Speak, each song begins with thoughtful spoken words from Dennis with Kitaro providing the musical accompaniment. Following Dennis’ spoken words, Native American drums and culturally correct instruments begin as Dennis sings a traditional Native American Indian song.

A new featured beautiful composition, PEACE with music by Kitaro heads the inspired track listing.

This album will be available at following website on 9/11/2012.


mother-earth-tour-badgeIn August Dennis will be setting off on the Mother Earth Tour. He will be performing in San Francisco at an Invitation Only event on August 15, 2012. Please call Nobuko Nin at Piazza Trading for more information. Flyer and more information after the break…

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From February 14 – July 8, 2011, the Long Walk 3 will take place across America. The 5,000+ mile walk is to raise awareness of diabetes, which is at epidemic levels across America. Hardest hit are Native Americans.

The Long Walkers will leave La Jolla, California on February 14, 2011 (Valentine’s Day – Heart Day) and arrive in Washington DC on July 8th. Walkers will split into two routes: North and South. Along the way, they will hold community talks about reversing diabetes and heart disease through diet and exercise.

The walkers will also launch a CLEAN UP MOTHER EARTH campaign by picking up trash along both routes.  This task is  a global, grassroots effort to promote harmony with our delicate environment.

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(see map)

Oregon: Feb 14 – Mar 4
Idaho: Mar 4 – Mar 14
Montana: Mar 14 – Mar 30
South Dakota: Mar 30 – Apr 14
North Dakota: Apr 14 – Apr 28
Minnesota: Apr 28 – May 8
Wisconsin: May 8 – May 22
Illinois: May 22 – June 1
Indiana: June 1 – June 12
Ohio: June 12 – June 22
West Virginia: June 22 – June 30
Virginia: June 30 – July 8


see map

California: Feb 14 – Feb 24
Arizona: Feb 24 – March 16
New Mexico: March 16 – April 6
Texas (panhandle): April 6 – April 8
Oklahoma: April 8 – April 28
Arkansas: April 28 – May 1
Louisiana: May 1 – May 17
Mississippi: May 17 – May 20
Alabama: May 20 – May 22
Florida: May 22 – June 12
Georgia: June 12 – June 19
South Carolina: June 19 – June 25
North Carolina: June 25 – July 2
Virginia: July 2 – July 8


Another great race has come to an end. This year was our 10th anniversary and we would like to give a big special thanks to Masaou Yamamoto and Piazza Trading who has sponsored our local race for the last 10 years. Without their support none of this would be possible. Also would like to thank all the volunteers and safety crew that make our race possible. Migwich friends!


Congratulations to this years winners. Upper devision boys we have Kenny Budreau & Gary Charwood. Upper devision Girls we have Paris Nicazio & Kelly Goose. Great race and have fun in Japan this year.

2010 Yamamoto Cup
May 27, 2011


Tenth Anniversary!

For the last 10 years we have had the generous sponsorship of Mr. Masaou Yamamoto. We would like to give him a special thanks for all of his generosity, and life long support and influence on the Native Youth here in Leech Lake.

Migwitch Minneapolis
September 27, 2010

A special thanks for Clyde Bellecourt and his Family for hosting the 2010 Yamamoto Cup in Minneapolis. The event was a great success. We would also like to announce this years winners who will be visiting Japan the end of October on their all expense paid vacation!

Congratulations to the 6 time women’s champs:
Michelle & Kelly Goose

Congradulations to the 2 time mens champ
Gary Charwood Jr. &
first time champ Michael Jordan Williams

I hope you have a great trip to the far east!

2010 Yamamoto Cup
June 28, 2010

2010 Poster

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December 8, 2009

Greetings all!!

update on Mr. Banks,

he was involved in a car accident on the morning of December 7th, after falling asleep while driving near his home in Sugar Point, Minnesota.

he suffered a compression fracture of the spine, and after being hospitalized will need to wear a brace for 6 weeks or more.

Dennis is doing better and is resting comfortably in a nearby hospital, as the dr. has ordered LOTS OF REST,

The family is asking for your prayers for a speedy recovery!

any questions, plz contact
Darla Banks 1-763-354-9434
or Goodie

miigwetch to everyone!

Update on Longest Walk
November 11, 2009

Greetings from Northern Minnesota!!

Hope all is well with everyone!! I am doing well on this end!! in good spirits and good health!

We will be post-poning THE LONG WALK TO REVERSE DIABETES 2010 from Huntington Beach, California to Washington DC. until 2011!!!
Reason being were gonna need more planning time.

Your words, time & support have been greatly appreciated, and we will keep all of the contact information we have received on file.


THE LONG WALK TO REVERSE DIABETES 2010 (February 14 – July 14)


Dennis J. BanksUpdate

I am Back
October 16, 2009

I am back! Diabetes Free!!! The American Diabetes Association says theres no cure for Diabetes, but i am evidence there is a cure!! Before i entered the program in AZ i was confident that i would reverse the diabetes.
My first 7 days i was on a green juice fast. My sugar was 305. By the end of the first 7 days my sugar was 95 and remained between 75-85 during my stay. I lost 28 1/2 lbs. in 21 days!!! I was taken off all medications (i was on 9 different prescriptions)
I continue to walk my 2 – 5 miles daily, and i feel great.
My heart may give out but Diabetes will not claim my life. i need not worry about dialysis – amputation or confined to a wheel chair or oxygen.


Next February 14, 2010, Harry Goodwolf Kindness & I will begin walking across America to call attention to Diabetes and its affect on our communities. If you want to join us – see us at HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA FOR THIS MOST HISTORIC JOURNEY!!!