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Dennis Banks

Aka, Nowa Cumig, is an Elder of the Anishinabe Nation and lives at beautiful Leech Lake Indian Reservation, Leech Lake, Minnesota. His vision of joining the races through education and teaching respect for our Earth Mother was the seed from which sprang Nowa Cumig Institute. Mr. Banks has been a proponent of Indian rights all his life. Co-founder of the American Indian Movement, he has led marches, walks, sobriety events, and volunteered his time for various functions too numerous to mention in the name of education and freedom. He has acted as a counselor for drug and alcoholism and worked with indigenous communities all over the world.

Terry Robinson

Is a member of the Leech Lake Tribe and has served on governmental councils there upholding Native American rights and freedoms. Very involved in legislation to better the lives of tribal members, he is an avid member of the American Indian Movement and an asset to the board.