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I am Back

Published on 10/16/09
by NowaCumig

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I am back! Diabetes Free!!! The American Diabetes Association says theres no cure for Diabetes, but i am evidence there is a cure!! Before i entered the program in AZ i was confident that i would reverse the diabetes.
My first 7 days i was on a green juice fast. My sugar was 305. By the end of the first 7 days my sugar was 95 and remained between 75-85 during my stay. I lost 28 1/2 lbs. in 21 days!!! I was taken off all medications (i was on 9 different prescriptions)
I continue to walk my 2 – 5 miles daily, and i feel great.
My heart may give out but Diabetes will not claim my life. i need not worry about dialysis – amputation or confined to a wheel chair or oxygen.


Next February 14, 2010, Harry Goodwolf Kindness & I will begin walking across America to call attention to Diabetes and its affect on our communities. If you want to join us – see us at HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA FOR THIS MOST HISTORIC JOURNEY!!!


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