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2008 Yamamoto Cup

Published on 03/19/09
by NowaCumig

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This years race was in memory of Floyd Redcrow Westerman who went to the Sprit World this year. Floyd had been a long time supporter of the event, and this was the first time in 3 years that Floyd had not been here to bless our ceremony. 

On August 2nd-3rd of 2008 the 7th Annual yamamoto Cup was held. This event was our largest ever with more than 80 racers competing for a grand prize of an all expense paid trip to Tokyo Japan. Ever year our winning racers travel to Japan to experience and share cultural traditions with the native Japanese people.

The race preparation began on August 3rd, at the Manomin House with a week long camp and preparation for the event. Racers were invited to come and participate in the camp. Durring the camp, racers would train durring the day as well as participate in talking ceremonies, Ojibwa language lessons, Drum making classes, sweat ceremonies, and also go through some basic water safety training. The camp was led by Wes and Darla. Thanks to everyone for your hard work!

A special thanks to Buffalo Child and Wes for leading the Water Safety Patrol for the 2008 race. Great job guys!

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