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About The Race

“Of the many water & sea going indigenous peoples transportation was extremely important and the canoe served a vital part in food gathering, transporting goods, & commerce . The Anishinabe thus became skilled in the use of the Canoe.”

–Dennis J. Banks

This Race is to promote & Revive the daily use of the canoe.
Boys & Girls Class Divisions:
Age’s: 10-12 13-15 16-23
(Winners of 16-23 division will receive a trip to Tokyo Japan in October)
On Leech Lake, MN. If waves are too big the race will be on Leech River

The race takes place each year in Minnesota. The 2010 Race will be in Minneapolis

The week leading up to the race is camp week. Where participants can gather and get to know each other before the big event. All racers are encouraged to attend the camp.

Camp Activities:

Sweat Ceremonies • Talking Circles • Ojibwa Language • Drum Making • Daily Walk • Daily Canoe Practice • Water Safety •
Darla Banks, Camp Director: (218) 654-5885

2009 Yamamoto Cup

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Thank you to White Earth Reservation, Winona LaDuke, and Clyde BelleCourt for hosting the event. We had a great time and all the participants gave their best on the days of the races.

A special Congratulations to our event winners in the Boys and Girls Upper Divisions. Paris Nicazio, and Leanna Goose took first place for the girls, and Aaron Simon and Tyler Zima won in the boys division. As a first place prize they will be taking an all expense paid trip to Tokyo Japan in November.

2008 Yamamoto Cup

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This years race was in memory of Floyd Redcrow Westerman who went to the Sprit World this year. Floyd had been a long time supporter of the event, and this was the first time in 3 years that Floyd had not been here to bless our ceremony. 

On August 2nd-3rd of 2008 the 7th Annual yamamoto Cup was held. This event was our largest ever with more than 80 racers competing for a grand prize of an all expense paid trip to Tokyo Japan. Ever year our winning racers travel to Japan to experience and share cultural traditions with the native Japanese people.

The race preparation began on August 3rd, at the Manomin House with a week long camp and preparation for the event. Racers were invited to come and participate in the camp. Durring the camp, racers would train durring the day as well as participate in talking ceremonies, Ojibwa language lessons, Drum making classes, sweat ceremonies, and also go through some basic water safety training. The camp was led by Wes and Darla. Thanks to everyone for your hard work!

A special thanks to Buffalo Child and Wes for leading the Water Safety Patrol for the 2008 race. Great job guys!

2007 Yamamoto Cup

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This was our largest race yet. We had more than 40 racers. We are so happy to see the race growing to be a larger community event. We have people coming from all over the Country and Canada to join in our celebration of Traditional Native Sports. Some of our racers even participated in the Native Olympic Games, and two of our star paddlers won gold medals in the race. Congratulations to everyone for a fantastic year.

Will you join us next year? Take a look at a few pictures from the race.

2006 Yamamoto Cup

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The 2006 Canoe Race was the longest race yet. The racers went from the Manomin House on Sugar Point all the way around bear island. The race was long, and the winners worked hard to earn their medals.

2005 Yamamoto Cup

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This years race was down the Red Lake River. It was a grueling seven mile course. All the participants did their best, and finished Still Strong! This year we were joined by the Mother Earth Tour 2005. We were glad to have you at our event, and we hope your Tour went well. Please visit their web site at www.piazzatrading.com/motherEarth.htm

2003 Yamamoto Cup

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The 2003 Yamamoto cup was a great success. Participants came from all over Minnesota to race in the two day event. Here are some of the highlights…

The race took place on the 4th and 5th of July. The morning of the 4th the racers gathered for the opening ceremony and gave thanks to the creator for this day.

The races took place in two heats of two age groups. The first group was the youngsters. The young boys and girls raced together, but winners were awarded from both genders.

The first days race was a short sprint. The times were recorded and everyone went home to get a good nights rest for the second days endurance race.

2002 Yamamoto Cup

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2002 was our kick-off race and friends new and old turned out from as far away as Canada and Florida and as close as Leech Lake, Minneapolis and surrounding reservations. We want to take this opportunity to invite one and all to this heartwarming event. We are dedicated to teaching the Seventh Generation the honor, responsibility and respect of being Native American.